NeNe Chicken clucking its way to Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR: “THE beauty of this is that ST Group has Malaysians in it, and the connection that we already grow the NeNe Chicken brand in Australia and have Malaysian roots make it a sound choice to select us as the company to bring the brand over here.”

Director of NNC Food Industries Sdn Bhd (License holder to NeNe Chicken brand in Malaysia), Raymond Wong shares his success in acquiring the famous Korean fried chicken brand for Malaysia to AWANI Review.

With South Korea dominating the fried chicken market, NeNe Chicken stands out from the latter with their irresistible flavours such as ‘Swicy fried chicken’, ‘Bulgogi fried chicken’ and many more.

With its impressive track record internationally and in South Korea, NeNe Chicken brand has successfully landed on our nest with the help of Raymond and his team. However, it wasn’t easy.

“When we went to the principal owner in South Korea, there were already 30 to 40 applications to bid for a Malaysian license. We are honoured that our company was the one selected over others to bring the brand over to Malaysia” he added.

Click here to read our full interview with Director of NNC Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Raymond Wong on AWANI Review.


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