Police warn those who conspire with illegal gambling operators


SENTUL: Police will take stern action against those who which they allege conspired with illegal gambling operators. 

Sentul Police Chief ACP R Munusamy said Sentul police have made 333 raids and arrested 260 people, including illegal gambling operators.

Illegal gambling operators are now increasingly cunning to fool the authorities by starting their operations after midnight, said Munusamy.

“Those who give shelter either by providing information or assistance to the gambling syndicate, I stress that action would be taken against those involved and conspired including any police officer,” he said.

Two guards and five individuals were arrested in  an operation known as ‘Operasi Dadu’ by Sentul police last night.

During the raid, a number of youths were gambling under the supervision of a Muslim store operator. 

A total of 22 slot machines were confiscated during the raid.


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